The WordPress Socrates Theme – The best theme for marketers

The Socrates theme is a powerful premium WordPress theme for marketers which gives you the opportunity to easily add your Adsense, Analytics an Clickbank account settings.

The theme is highly customizable and within minutes you can create thousands of unique designs. The theme is also very Search Engine Optimalisation friendly. It is the must have WordPress theme for marketers who want to monetize their website(s). Get the Socrates Theme.

A little overview of the WordPress Socrates Theme

About the authors

The Socrates The is developed by the 2 internet marketing experts Dan Nickerson and Joël Comm. They already made a lot of money trough the internet and came with the idea to develop a WordPress theme that was fully optimized for internet marketing. They came with the Socrates Theme. The best theme for marketers and developed in a way so that you can get the theme up and running within minutes.

Fully customizeble

The theme comes with 220 niche headers, backgrounds and customizable layout colors. Besides that there is a great support team that helps you in setting up your Socrates Theme. If you ask a question on the forum you’ll have an answer within minutes. When you order the theme you also get a lot of video tutorials about the WordPress Socrates Theme which explain to you how you can configure the theme. Go to the Socrates Forum (you can find it in the menu below).

Try it for free!

You can try the theme for free to see whether you like it! You don’t have to fill in your credit card information. If you order the theme and don’t like the theme you can claim your money back within 60 days. You don’t have to give a reason. Just claim your money back and you’ll get it back.

The WordPress Socrates Theme